Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So so many new kits!!!

I'm so sorry!  I have so busy I'm slacking on my blog!  I'm currently seeking a blog manager...if you're interested message me on Facebook!
My store has a new sale!  All of my items are 25%

On to the kit news!  I have lots of new kits and news to show you! it goes.
All of these kits are available @ my personal store and many of them having matching cluster frame sets!

I have Verymany & Ninaste matches for you!!!  All very versatile kits...

First kit is Dangerously created to match the Ninaste tube Lolly....this kit will make tons of great tags!

the tube

The kit

Next is Ghouls Day Out

the tube:

The kit:

A beautiful Gothic Style kit.  

The tube:

 The kit:

A stand alone fantasy kit:

Last, but certainly not least...a beautiful Verymany tube & kit match!!

The tube:

The kit:

 photo 2.png

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