Monday, September 16, 2013

New Matching Kit For Ninast tube "Alice"

I am very excited to announce that I will now be making matching kits for the awesome artwork of Ninaste!  His partner Derzi also has some great be sure to check out both!

My first matching kit is called "Darkside Of The Looking Glass" and is made to match the tube "Alice"

This is the very cool tube...

The kit, which is available at my personal store

And a show off tag created by Hayleigh

 photo 2.png

Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Verymany matches, Halloween, Horror & More!

Sorry I haven't updated!  I haven't left...just been busy with back to school and lots of kits!!
I have 3 matching kits for Verymany tubes (with another on the way)  a Halloween mega kit & a Horror mega kit!

All of these Verymany tubes are available
All of the kits here are available exclusively at my personal store

First is the amazing tube Valerie

And her matching kit "Open Invitation"

The Stunning "Aurora"

 And her matching kit "Sexy Sugar Kisses"

The beautiful Natalie

 Her matching kit "Dressed Up Denim"

Verymany also has a beautiful new tube Christine.  She'll have a matching kit soon!

I have a huge Halloween Mega kit!  Cuteness with lots of spooks & scares too!

And lastly a gruesome horror kit...this one comes with a warning!!  Zombies, Asylums and so much more!  This kit is Huge!

Don't forget my sales!  All of my kits at Pics For Design are Buy 1 Get 1 & all of my items in my personal store are 35% off!
Hugs & Love!!

 photo 2.png