Sunday, September 25, 2011

Using Masks

I use the free program Gimp for all of my creations.

This is a super quick & easy tut on how to use a mask, for tag backgrounds & more!
Supplies Needed:
Paper Of Choice
I am using a paper created by: Wicked Creationz Scraps
 Mask of choice
I am using Vix Mask #400

1. Open your paper (file>open)
2. Open your mask as a new layer (file>open as layer)
3.  Using your scale tool, scale you mask to cover your paper.  When your scale dialog box appears, be sure to click the "chain link" so that you maintain the correct dimensions!  You should always do this when using the scale tool!

4.  Add a layer mask to your paper layer.  To do this, right click on your paper your layer box.  Choose "add layer mask".  This will open a new dialog box.  For this tut, we will leave all the options as they are and simply click "apply".
5.  When you apply your layer mask, your paper will look the same, but you will notice a white box next to your paper, in your layer box.
6.  In your layer box, click the eye next to your mask, to make it invisible.
7.  Be sure you have your mask layer selected.  Then copy it.  (edit>copy)
8.  Next, in your layer box, click on the white box next to your paper.
9.  You are going to paste your mask onto your paper. (edit>paste)
10.  This creates a "floating layer"  In your layer box, click the anchor towards the bottom.

11.  You can now completely remove or delete your mask layer.
12.  In your layer box, click on your paper layer and choose "apply layer mask"

Masks can be used for a lot of different effects!
Enjoy =)

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