Monday, September 26, 2011

Simple Name Tag

I use the free program GIMP for all of my creations.

Items Needed:
Working knowledge of Gimp.
Scrap kit of choice.  I am using a Signature Lane Exclusive created by:
Check out her blog for all her awesome kits, tutorials & more!
Font of choice.  I am using the font Rock Show Whiplash
  Mask of choice.  I am using a Vix Halloween Mask.

1. The first thing I did was choose a couple of papers, and make new patterns to match the kit used.  I chose a lighter color/pattern for the main text...and a darker color for the outline.
2.  Next open a new canvas.  I started mine @ 440 x 340 pixels.
3.  In your layer box, right click on your canvas, and choose "add alpha channel".  Then hit delete on your keyboard.  This should make your canvas transparent.
4.  Choose your font, and use you text tool to create your name.  We are going to use the "glossy" filter, to be sure to center your text in your text box.
5.  Add glossy to your name, using your new patterns. (filters>alpha to log>glossy)
6. Remove the white background layer.
7.  You may also want to fit your canvas to your layers.  (image>fit canvas to layers)
8.  Your drop shadow layer will be on top.  We're going to move this layer down, so that it is above the "grow me" layer.
9.  For extra effect, I added a white outline.  To do this, we'll use our "select by color" tool (red dot)  Be sure to select the option "feather edges"  (blue dot) 

You are going to hold down the shift key, click on your layer (on your canvas) and drag outwards.  Continue holding down shift and repeat once or twice.  This will give you a dotted line around your name.

Next, we're going to make this selection bigger.  Using "grow selection". Options: Select>Grow.  A new dialog will appear.  Grow it by 1and click ok.
Now, add a new layer.  Layer>New Layer.  You don't need to change any of the options, simply click ok.  In your layer box, place this layer under your "grow me" layer.  Use your "bucket fill" tool & fill this layer with color.  I used white. 
 Lastly, we're going to add a bevel to this layer.  Filters>Decor>Add Bevel.  Un-check the box that says "Work On Copy".  Then adjust your bevel level number.  I used 20.

10.  You're ready to add your elements.  I used a spiked heart, a bear & a rabbit.  Open each as layers, and scale to fit the way you like, behind your name.  When using your scale tool, be sure to click the chain link to maintain the correct dimensions!!  Just for an bear is approx 152 x 163 pixels.  The heart is 161 x 191 pixels.  This will vary depending on the elements you use!

11.  Add drop shadows to your elements.  Filters>Light & Shadow>Drop Shadow.  I am using the following settings:

12.  Open a paper of choice, and place it below your other layers.  Scale it to fit the way you like.
13.  Open your mask of choice and place it above your paper.  Apply your mask to your paper, then delete the mask layer.  Please see me Mask Tutorial for detailed mask instructions.  Adjust your mask, if needed.
14.  Merge your layers.  Edit>Merge visible layer.  Crop your finished tag.  Edit>Autocrop
15.  Be sure it is scaled to the size you need.  Edit>Scale Image. in png format.
Please let me know if you have trouble!

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