Sunday, September 25, 2011

Creating New Patterns For Gimp

I use the free program Gimp, for all of my creations.

This is just a super quick explanation, of how to create a new pattern to use in Gimp.

1.  Choose & open a paper that you like.
2.  Reduce your paper size using "scale image" { image>scale image}
If your paper has a pattern, I recommend 200 x 200 pixels. 
If it is mainly a solid color, I recommend 100 x 100.
3.  Next, you want to copy it. {edit>copy}
4.  Then, paste it as a new pattern. {edit>paste as>new pattern}
5.  A small box will pop up.  You need to name your new pattern, in the top line and save by clicking ok.
Your new pattern is now ready to use!!
When you close your paper, it will say you have made changes and ask if you want to save.  Be sure to click NO!!!  You do not want to save the changes to your original paper!
If you have questions...let me know!

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