Sunday, September 25, 2011

Adding Texture Using "Glossy"

I use the free program Gimp, for all of my creations.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to add texture using the filter "Glossy".
For demonstration, we will do a simple name.
I am using a basic font & standard Gimp pattern, but you can also use a new pattern you made from the last tutorial ;)

1.  Open a new canvas {file>new}
I made my canvas 400 x 200 pixels
2.  To make a transparent background-right click on your layer, in your layer box and "add alpha channel" then hit delete on your keyboard.
3.  Choose your font.
4.  Use your text tool, create a text box...and type your name.
*important note*
For best results, you want some space around your name.  So, hit "enter" and the space bar a couple of that your text is more centered in your test box.
5.  Make your text large, and centered in your canvas.  Mine is 139 px. using the "Impact Condensed" font.

6.  Now we're going to add some texture.  We are going to open our glossy dialog.  From your options at the top choose... Filters>Alpha To Logo>Glossy. 
7.  For this demonstration, I have chosen to make my outline number 2. (red dot)
I have selected to use pattern for text (blue dot)  I used the pattern wood #1
I also selected to use a pattern for the outline (green dot) and, I chose wood #2

When you use glossy, it automatically puts a background behind it.  To get rid of it simply delete that layer, in your layer box. 
Glossy also automatically gives you a drop shadow.  You can always delete it and add your own, if you would prefer a different effect.

8.  After removing the white background, simply merge your layers together (image>merge visible layers)
Autocrop (Image>Autocrop) & save in png format.
There are tons of things you can do with this feature...and lots of ways to play with it!

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